21 Sep

BALL Engineer Master II Diver Series Replica Watches Have Two Versions : Classic & GMT

BALL’s latest bulletproof offering is the Ball Engineer Master II Diver series replica watches, a colorful trio of tool dive watches built to BALL’s high standards. Offered for pre-order at a fraction of their MSRP, these bold and purpose-built divers are a limited edition of 1,000 pieces each. There is the Engineer Master II Classic Diver, the Engineer Master II Diver GMT, and the Engineer Master II Diver TMT—all three celebrating BALL’s commitment to undersea exploration and champion free diver Guillaume Néry’s diving accomplishments.

Blue and yellow dial Ball fake watches for sale.

As expected, each watch boasts a prolific number of BALL’s trademark tritium gas tubes for deep water visibility (54 on the TMT and 57 on the other two), as well as an internal rotating elapsed-time diver’s bezel. The crown at three o’clock sets the time/date, and the one at two o’clock operates the aforementioned bezel. The Classic measures 44mm and comes in a titanium case, and the GMT and TMT are 42mm and DLC-coated stainless steel.  The case back is especially nice, and it features a stamped Mr. Néry rising from the depths.

Each of the three models comes in three distinct and colorful combinations. Black with the first quarter of the bezel in white, navy with yellow, and navy with orange. While the navy and yellow/orange bezel combinations look great, I personally really enjoy the simple look of the black and white one.

Classic version

The Classic will retail for $2,799 with the pre-order price coming in at $1,549. The movement in this one is the RR1102-C, which is a 2836-2 that has been COSC Chronometer-certified. The dial on the Classic is the cleanest of the three, with “Chronometer Automatic” above the six and the standard BALL logo below the 12. This one features both day and date windows, with novel placements. The rectangular day window is positioned at three, and the rounded date window is at 4:30. Now, overall this is a good looking diver, but I’m not a fan of the wacky day/date layout. Most likely won’t find it as odd as I do, but as someone who isn’t fond of calendar windows in the first place, it feels unbalanced to me.

Replica Ball classic watches.

GMT version

The GMT will retail for $2,499 with the pre-order coming in at $1,399. The GMT is similar to the Classic, but with the addition of a 24-hour index and a GMT hand for keeping track of a second time zone, of course. This one has a square date-only window at 4:30.

Fake Ball GMT watches.