27 Nov

Patek Philippe Leather Strap Luxury Replica Watches For Sale

Before extra-large, steel chronographs were all the rage, the first proper million dollar Patek Philippe replica watches reference was arguably the Louis Cottier world time – the refs. 1415 and 2523 fitted with cloisonné dials – being the models that consistently and regularly achieved seven figure prices at auctions, which were mostly Antiquorum sales presided over by Osvaldo Patrizzi in those days.

Starting in the late 1990s, the vintage cloisonné dial world time – usually a double-crown ref. 2523 selling in Geneva – sailed past a million francs and stayed between that and SFr2.0m until the late 2000s. The high watermark came in April 2002 when a buyer, a noted East Asian industrialist according to industry lore, paid a mind boggling SFr6.6m for a ref. 1415 HU in platinum, about US$4m at the time and a record that probably won’t be broken for a generation or two.

Patek Philippe replica watches for sale.


Coincidentally, the surge in prices for the vintage world time dovetailed neatly with the artfully-timed launch of the modern day equivalent, the ref. 5110 Patek Philippe copy watches, in the year 2000. And since then the contemporary world time has become a mainstay of the Patek Philippe line-up: the basic model has undergone two facelifts, and the complication has been combined with a chronograph, minute repeater, as well as moon phase.

In the same period, an early ref. 2499 (meaning first or second series) in pink gold cost Patek Philippe limited edition watches about the same as a cloisonné dial world time. Over a decade on, the 2499 has doubled in value, the steel 1518 has quadrupled, and various other watches have gone on to rack up various other records.

The vintage world times, on the other hand, have not enjoyed much buzz or breathless coverage and consequently have only inched up modestly in value, or not at all. In the peculiar world of high-end vintage watches that might make a world time a reasonable proposition relative to everything else, perhaps even a good buy.

25 Aug

Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Rose Gold Replica Watches For Sale

In 1941 the world was in the midst of WWII, yet this was also the time that Patek Philippe fake watches introduced a landmark watch, the ref.1518. This was not only Patek Philippe’s very first watch that united both a perpetual calendar with a chronograph, but also the very first time that such a watch was made in series.


During the 14 years that the ref. 1518 was in production, only 281 of them were made. The war probably had a big impact on this, as it involved all of Patek Philippe’s major markets. For now, that means that that the ref.1518 is quite rare, especially since the majority of them were made in yellow gold. Pink gold was much rarer, and only 12 watches are known that combined this with a pink dial. The result of this is stunning, even more so because it offers such a vibrant contrast with the moon phase disc as well as the blued hands for the date and the chronograph.

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Big price

This particular ref.1518 is not only a landmark piece, in one of the rarest color combinations, but goes even further than that. It is currently the only one known to have been fitted with this original bracelet. It was made by the reknowned bracelet makers Gay Frères and a custom order for Patek Philippe copy watches. With a width of 20mm and a thickness of 5mm, it is a very substantial bracelet, for which the original owner paid 1.000,- Swiss Francs, which was almost the same amount as he had to pay for the watch itself.

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The combination, however, is nothing short of spectacular. No wonder that it had no problem exceeding its estimate when this particular watch was auctioned in 2015 by Phillips. Selling for 1.445.000,- Swiss Francs it lived up to its expectations. However, it is not unlikely that it would sell for much more will it come up for auction again in the near future, as the appreciation of owning the rarest version of an already rare watch is definitely on an incline.

22 Mar

Replica Patek Philippe White Dial Leather Strap Watches For Sale

I always felt that Patek Philippe Replica Watches and Vacheron Constantin fake watches are kind of close competitors for the same very high-end simple, classy and classic looks. Of course that they’re always getting the looks and spicing-up all this simpleness with some amazing and outrageous special edition and small collections that just blow your mind.

Patek Philippe Fake Watches
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Simple White Dial Patek Philippe Copy Watches with a simple date window at 3 o’clock but with the right finishing touch. As simple as this dial is it has a kick to it with those imitation stone markers that make it unique. Simple, classy and elegant stainless steal hands that you will not be able to see in the dark.

Replica Patek Philippe Watches
White dial replica Patek Philippe Watches.

I know we got so used to having glow in the dark hands and markers on our watches that we completely forgot how these babies used to look like 60 years ago when elegance and style was on top of practicality and the Leather Strap Patek Philippe Watches Copy mission of how to get all the features into everything so a watch can serve all purposes.

16 Mar

Patek philippe Leather Strap High Quality Watches

Patek philippe Replica Watches brand watches can let feast one’s eyes on of National People’s Congress this year at the same time also superior quality and reliable, exquisite workmanship, in the process of design, production and assembly as a whole has a top level, to ensure that products adhering to the traditional, trustworthy.

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Independence is the core of the patek philippe spirit idea, to ensure that Leather Strap Patek philippe Fake Watches products adhering to the traditional, performance reliable and trustworthy.Patek philippe set up the unique style of the quiet inside collect, timeless elegance, perfect combination of personality and sedate, elegant and noble.This style was born a minimalist design, personality is distinct, graceful watches, many of which quickly became a classic.

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Patek Philippe High Quality Copy Watches gondolo always give a person feel a bit nostalgic series, the series gondolo wrist by 18 k white gold, blue sun wen disk emit bright blue, give a person with clear visual sense of fashion.Generous blue scale grain alligator strap for hand-made, and watch a match like nature itself, believed that wrist costly temperament abruptly ascend.Carry the brand produced 25-21 REC PS chain on the manual machine, patek philippe stamp to ensure the quality of its, and very beautiful, and it has the power stored at least 44 hours.

16 Feb

Quality Swiss Replica Patek Philippe Leather Strap Watches

If you’re up to adorning your wrist with some true luxury, the list of 7 most expensive Patek Philippe watches should be right up your alley. Being trendy and classy often go hand-in-hand, but they don’t necessarily have to. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watches won’t stumble upon the Swiss brand’s name in most of the modern-day blogs, magazines, and advertisements. Patek Philippe is intended for a select few and has maintained its exclusivity for more than 160 years now. The Geneva-based company only produces around 50,000 watches a year, but their price is usually exorbitant.

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It all started in 1851, six years after Antoni Patek, Polish watchmaker dissolved his agreement with Franciszek Czapek, his first partner. He went on to join with Jean Adrien Philippe, inventor of keyless winding mechanism and the rest is – as they say, history. The company has mostly been producing mechanical movement watches, but they had their excursions into quartz movement as well. Thanks to a tradition filled with innovative patterns and designs, and high-class refinement and luxury, Patek Philippe company is among the best-known watch manufacturers in the world today.

Leather Strap Patek Philippe replica watches.

Of course, there have been many Patek Philippe watches coming out of the factory throughout the years, and some of them are now quite rare, being discontinued a long time ago. Needless to say, such watches exhibit much higher prices than those currently available and we won’t consider them. In other words, only watches that are currently in serial production will be considered. Still, even they mostly come with six digit figures which earned them a place on our list of 7 most expensive Patek Philippe watches. We have consulted various sources for prices of Patek Philippe pieces which aren’t available on manufacturer’s website. World of Luxury US, Jomashop, Luxury Bazaar, Chrono24, and Gemnation tend to have different prices for specific timepieces, and we have calculated the average price where available. If Patek Philippe isn’t your favorite Swiss watchmaker, maybe IWC is.

27 Jan

Quality Swiss Patek Philippe Lady’s Replica Watches For Sale

In timing clock movement,Patek Philippe CRH 27-525 PS Movement Copy Watches are one of the outstanding person, small is very thin, and free from vulgarity. It is the most distinctive in a ladies watch 7059 r – 001. Most of the women’s watch function is very simple, with most small features, like the moon and the complex function meter series of Ref. 7059 has a super complicated heart.

White dial Patek-Philippe copy watches.

Ref. 7059 is actually a change use men’s watch, the first male table is Ref. 5959, launched in 2005,Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watches old timer clock 5959 appearance is exactly like the 5959 s, the size is like the old s timing clock, watch case only 33 mm in diameter, with modern taste, become impractical. So the 5959 sold well.

High Quality Patek-Philippe Fake Watches.

33.2 mm female table Ref. 7059 table larger than masculine men, because want to have extra width to the diamond bezel and on the back of the set auger. In addition, both are nearly the same, although the 33 mm for male Patek Philippe Lady’s Fake Watches size is too small, but ms 7059 put on wrist looks very perfect.

11 Dec

Patek Philippe Calatrava Series White Dial Replica Watches

Just waved exciting 175 anniversary celebration, Patek philippe Classic Series Copy Watches in 2015 Basel international jewellery on push the new product, this will make fine encouraged tabulation of art collectors and enthusiasts.In 2015, a total of 31 new product launch, this time some of the watches before design change not only the change of the color or material.

Replica Patek_Philippe

Patek Philippe High Quality Fake Watches in 1923 launched the first watch, which has the function of double seconds after the needle.Follow the Ref. 130, become still more many rushed to imitate and insurmountable peak hour meter model.

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Patek philippe New Calatrava Series Replica Watches aviator travel time watch Ref. 5524, aims to salute to the great pioneer flight, to commemorate the milestone in the history of crippling hailstorm, also reflected the family of the Geneva watchmaker contribution to the early aviation.